Cartographer What’s New


Project recommendations page

January Cartographer update focuses on bringing into the core of the platform a number of feature that previously were only accessible using custom scripting. One of the most often requested customizations is an ability to hold off displaying product recommendations until all questions have been answered. Cartographer now includes the support of dedicated results page and automatically handles timing when recommendations may be shown to the customer.

Project versioning

In order to minimize the impact of existing deployments, Cartographer now uses per-project feature versioning system. When client script upgrade is required to take advantage of new features, existing projects must be explicitly opted in to use new script version. The upgrade would take full effect only when project is published to production, thus allowing to set custom timelines for rollout of recommender instance updates.

Branching and Routing

Create complex recommendation page flows using built-in branching and routing feature. Set up page completion conditions, branching rules, and navigation flow using easy mad-libs style configuration screens, without any custom scripting required.

Short Code Improvements

Short codes can now be assigned to pages and individual answers, enabling easier styling and scripting. Answer short codes simply integration with third-party analytics systems by providing a stable user choice identifier, which does not change between localized recommender versions.

UI Tweaks

January release includes a number of UI tweaks and performance optimizations. For example, it is now possible to expand and collapse pages, questions, and page options to unclutter the working area.


Follow developer documentation at to stay up-to-date with Cartographer API and scripting updates.

Alternate Products Tracking

Cartographer now includes detailed analytics about products that were not included in the recommendations list, but were still added to cart and purchased by customers. For example, if recommendations includes only products of red color, while a customer have checked out with a blue product, Cartographer will capture the conversion and display it as an alternate product.

Alternate products are tracked only for customers that have visited product recommenders and are subject to the same conversion rules and time intervals as primary recommendations.

Exclude Promo Products

Found in the project settings, you can now enable the option to exclude zero-priced promotional products from analytics tracking.

Promo products recorded prior to this release will not be removed from the historical data. If desired, custom reports will be provided to include only priced products.

Dashboard Improvements

Analytics Dashboard has been revamped to provide better at-a-glance overview of the project performance, with updated global conversion stats, product funnel, improved session filtering. New Focus On selector allows to drill down to the specific area of analytics.

Built-In Reports Export

All built-in reports can now be downloaded in Excel format, simply pick desired time interval, project time, and click Export button

Cartographer provides aggregate and detailed reports downloads for following areas:

  • Overview and Daily statistics
  • Product details, including top products and product conversion funnel
  • Alternate products report
  • Visitors and browser statistics
  • Successful converted sessions report, including order values
  • Project details, including answer statistics (found in Other Actions menu on the project editor screen)