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Cartographer is a guided shopping tool that helps eCommerce customers purchase products that fit their specific needs, increasing conversion and reducing returns for retailers.

User Driven

Guided shopping weights and calculates recommended products based on the customer’s answers to questions specifically designed to guide them to the right product, in an experience totally driven by the user.


Increase conversion rate by shortening the path to purchase, and guide the customer to products that suit their specific needs with a high degree of confidence.

Rich Analytics

Consumer behavior data collected while navigating the tool, answering questions, and purchasing products provides a wealth of information for continuous improvement of the user experience.


Cartographer can easily connect to product data using the Demandware Open Commerce API. Cartographer’s import functionality automatically retrieves catalog information for categorization, product attribute definition, and product attribute values, which is leveraged to create a guided shopping experience.


Cartographer provides a basic user experience that can be injected in any eCommerce site with minimal development effort and be used immediately or customized to any degree to meet your design requirements. Retailers can work with the Drive Commerce team to customize the experience for a cohesive experience with the site, or easily customize the templates and use the JavaScript API to create a completely unique look.


Analyze and act upon a rich set of analytics data gathered by Cartographer, to continually improve the user experience and customer satisfaction.

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