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Simplify Storefront Management

Pacenotes combines your Salesforce Commerce Cloud product catalog, site catalog, pricebooks, inventory, content and active data into a single, searchable instance – and allows you to share and schedule reports in Excel, CSV, or Commerce Cloud XML formats.

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How Pacenotes Does It

Analyze Your Catalog

Quickly and easily see the overall health of your storefront with customized Health Checks and KPIs. Export to Excel or CSV for easy data analysis.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Schedule reports daily, weekly, or even hourly. Leverage Jobs to automate categories for Sales, Collections, or What’s Trending.

Take Decisive Action

Easily share reports by email. Identify problems and address them directly in Business Manager. Create custom views for regional, functional, or brand divisions.

Pacenotes in Action

How Our Clients Use Pacenotes

Improve Translations

Flag products with incomplete translations; identify common regional spellings (for example, ‘colour’, ‘tyre’).

Find Missing Images

Fix missing image assignments or incomplete image-sets. Check live images for “Not Found” errors.

Clean-Up Catalogs

Find products that can be removed to streamline indexes and improve responsiveness.

Automate Categories

Automatically assign products to categories based on metrics, prices, and descriptive-text.

Predict Stockouts

Identify products predicted to sell-out based on ATS and Sales Velocity – prevent “Out of Stock” or broken size-runs.

Avoid Costly Errors

Ensure that products in Sale categories have Sale prices; alert merchandisers to outlier prices.

Pacenotes is Powerful

  • Point-and-click rule and report building
  • Powerful Javascript-based rule editing for maximum customization
  • 30+ built-in health checks and reports
  • Customizable views, sorting and filtering for users, roles, and organizations
  • Export any Product attribute to CSV, Excel or Salesforce Commerce Cloud Import/Export XML format
  • Share and schedule reports and automations

Built with Developers in Mind

Follow developer documentation to stay up-to-date with Pacenotes API and scripting updates.

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