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Empower your customers to find the perfect gift

Reduce anxiety and stress for your customers during the holiday season by offering an online gift finder. Engage customers with a quiz-like experience powered by Drive Commerce's Cartographer to discover gifts that meet their holiday needs. The gift finder replicates working with an in-store sales associate, bringing that intimate customer experience home and away from the crowds. That's what we call a win-win.

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How Cartographer Does It

Leverage the in-person expertise of a seasoned store associate on your ecommerce storefront.

Customer-Centric Questionnaires

Leverage product data that exists in your catalog. Then, using this data, Cartographer weights and calculates recommended products based on the customer’s answers to questions specifically designed to guide them to the right product, in an experience totally driven by the user.

Improve Conversions

Increase conversion rate and shorten the path to checkout by building questionnaires that include top-of-mind questions your customers ask to make product purchases. Changes in seasons and trends? Cartographer's intuitive interface will help you revise, reorder and translate questions and answers to quickly adapt.

Know Your Customers Better

Consumer behavior data collected while navigating the tool, answering questions, and purchasing products provides a wealth of information for continuous improvement of the user experience. Use the data collected to gain more insight on what your customers want or don't want.

Gain Maximum Results

Use Cartographer's built-in capabilities to give your customers what they actually want.

Customize the Quiz Experience

Use logical branching and question-paths to ask follow-up questions to customers who answer a certain way. Segment quiz results by product-type or other factors. Offer one recommendation, or many – then order by newness, price, or any other factor! The best part is that no custom scripting is required.

Iterate and Fine Tune

Analyze and act upon a rich set of analytics data gathered by Cartographer, track everything from popular products to which answers lead to conversions. Easily copy and tweak recommenders to use with third-party split-testing software.

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