# API Concepts

The summary provides a quick overview of current user's answers and selections. The summary is updated whenever a question answer had changed, user backtracks through a questionnaire using the navigation or reset buttons, or state modifying API is invoked.

The summary object is an array, with each entry representing a question answer.

questionId Related question ID.
questionSlug Question's short code.
questionDescription Localized question description text.
answerType User's selection type. Can be one of 'text' or 'choice'.
answerId Answer ID if answer type was 'choice'
answerValue Answer value if answer type was 'text'
answerSlug Answer short code if answer type was 'choice'
answerSlug Answer short code if answer type was 'choice'
answerDescription Localized answer description text if answer type was 'choice'
$(function () {
    // Cartographer is now ready for use.
    var recommender = new Drive.GuidedRecommender({

        // Listen to the update event and modify the UI accordingly.
        summaryUpdated: function (summary) {
            summary.forEach(function (entry) {
                // Do something with the summary entry.
                console.log(entry.questionDescription, ':', entry.answerDescription);

    // Alternatively use the API method to retrieve summary on demand:
    var summary = recommender.summary();