# Saving Sessions v3

It is possible to extract and save current quiz session details. This could be useful, for example, to implement a reminder or a quiz sharing email that a customer can sent to themselves. Saved sessions are identified by a randomly generated key that a host site can use to store and retrieve the session descriptor at the later time.

Saved session details include information that enables a variety of uses: construct a link to view quiz results online, list product recommendations in an email, or provide a detailed description of customers answers and explanation of quiz results. Session details object will consist at least:

history Array of history events. This can be used with replay method to restore the session state. The format is this data structure is internal to Cartographer and is not intended to be interpreted by the host site.
summary A summary of customers answers.
recommendations If a customer was provided with any recommendations, this will contain a list of recommended products and related product data.
var recommender = new Drive.GuidedRecommender({

    // Save a session and receive session information back.
    recommender.saveSession(function (savedSessionKey, sessionDetails) {
        // Do something with saved sessions details and/or key.

    // Retrieve previously saved session details.
    recommender.replaySession(savedSessionKey, function (sessionDetails) {
        // For example, replay the session and restore the quiz state.