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Drive Commerce & Funko: Bringing Personalized Pop! Magic to the Digital World

About Funko

A global purveyor of pop culture, Funko has a diverse product line that ranges from iconic vinyl figures to apparel. With creativity at its core, Funko has become a household name for fans worldwide.

“Pop! Yourself has been our hidden gem. It dominates our retail sales and resonates immensely with our fans. The move to e-commerce was a leap towards reaching a massive audience, and the response has been phenomenal.”

— Dave Bere, VP of Brand and Marketing at Funko


Funko sought to expand its horizons and capitalize on the unique offering of customized Pop! Yourself figures but found themselves constrained by several roadblocks:

  • Traditional Methods: Funko's unique Pop! customizations were confined to in-store environments using manual, pencil-and-paper combinations.
  • Scalability Issues: The manual process wasn’t scalable, limiting the potential of introducing the unique Pop! experience to a broader audience.
  • Lack of Digital Presence: Despite the soaring demand, Funko lacked a digital platform to connect with its audience, missing out on expansive online opportunities.


Drive Commerce initially introduced 'Pop! Yourself' on kiosks at two store locations, integrating our cutting-edge 3D product configurator on the Customizer platform. This allowed fans to digitally craft their unique Pop! figures.

Witnessing the in-store buzz, we amplified this experience, launching it online for a broader e-commerce audience.


Drive Commerce's collaboration with Funko exemplifies the transformative power of bridging physical experiences with digital platforms. Starting with in-store kiosks and evolving into a digital powerhouse, Drive Commerce underscored the importance of adapting to modern consumer demands:

  • 20% of in-store sales are attributed to the kiosks.
  • Pop! Yourself made back more than 1 years worth of Customizer’s monthly subscription pricing on the e-commerce platform's debut day.
  • 3K+ orders daily on the online platform, underscoring the vast demand for Pop! personalization

Pop! Yourself

Create your own Pop! vinyl figure with Funko's builder using Customizer's 3D capabilities.

Visit Pop! Yourself

Client Solution Example
Client Solution Example

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