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Gain Invaluable Customer Insight with Zero-Party Data

Adopt the single most effective zero-party data strategy by incorporating a quiz on your site with Cartographer. Collect and store data willingly provided by your customers. Then, drive a more individualized and intimate relationship between you and your customer.

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What is Zero-Party Data?

With recent updates to privacy regulations, consumers don’t want their data being tracked and stored without their consent. Zero-party data provides an opportunity to achieve your marketing goals while using techniques that build trust with your consumers.

Let's start with a look at the differences among the types of data marketers can collect.

Zero-Party Data

  • Consumer directly and intentionally shares data
  • Types of data collected: communication details, age & gender, product & size preferences
  • Build individual customer profiles, personas, handcrafted messages
  • Know exactly what customers want and need

First-Party Data

  • Data collected and owned by the retailer on various channels: mobile app, site, social media, and more.
  • Types of data collected: purchase history, site behavior and preferences, basic profile information (email, demographic, etc.)
  • Causes consumer privacy concerns
  • Takes a long time to collect on new customers

Third-Party Data

  • Data sourced outside of the consumer/brand relationship
  • Causes consumer privacy concerns and distrust
  • Technology is outdated
  • Aggregated and segmented data that is not individualized

Cartographer: Your Solution in a Privacy-Centric Market

Cartographer makes it easier than ever to collect zero-party data to enhance user experiences. With Cartographer, users interact with fun and engaging quiz questions that act as a product recommender to guide their shopping experience. See how a few of our clients are collecting zero-party data to increase engagement and conversion.

Irons & Wedge Selectors


TaylorMade utilizes Cartographer to recommend the best golf clubs that match your individual playing style.

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Technologies and Key Features

  • Multiple recommenders across different product categories
  • Unique UI/UX for each recommender
  • Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Client Solution Example
Client Solution Example

Shoe Finder


Merrell launched its Shoe Finder on its site and app to help customers find the perfect pair of shoes for their favorite adventures using just a few quick clicks.

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Technologies and Key Features

  • Mobile app & e-commerce site experiences
  • Internationalization of product quizzes across the US and Europe
  • Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud & Poq Commerce
Client Solution Example
Client Solution Example

Wine Recommender

Menage a Trois Wines

Menage a Trois Wines uses Cartographer to help customers find the perfect wine match with just a couple of swipes.

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Technologies and Key Features

  • Drizly integration so customers can get their wine-match delivered right to their doorstep from a nearby retailer.
  • Integration with Commerce7
Client Solution Example
Client Solution Example

How Cartographer Collects Zero-Party Data

Leverage existing product data in your catalog to create user-centric questionnaires that collect and augment customer insights. Then, sit back and let Cartographer do the hard work:

Real-time Data

  • As soon as a user answers a question on the quiz, Cartographer remembers and stores that data in real-time. This allows you to effectively build a customer profile for a more personalized experience.

  • The data can easily be pushed to your remarketing data layer for future retargeting campaigns. Thus, with a single answer, Cartographer can remind users to come back and learn more about a certain topic.

Save and Send Data

  • Cartographer pushes zero-party data captured into your CRM, eCommerce, or ESP platform of choice.

  • Customer answers and recommendations can be used to “retarget” at a later date.

  • Cartographer allows customers to be in control of their own results: they can send results to themselves via email or save results to their individual profiles.

More Than Just Zero-Party Data

Cartographer comes complete with easy-to-use question paths and logical branching that allow you to create specific question flows depending on the customer's answers.

This means personalized recommendations for each unique user, completely dependent on his or her own answers.

The best part? No coding knowledge or custom scripting is required.

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