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Guided shopping is the future. Why force your customers to sort through endless product grids and confusing filtering options when they can answer a few simple questions to find the product that fits them best? Recommend a product for the individual, not a “segment”. Increase conversion, reduce returns, make customers happy faster.

Ready to build your first recommender?

“What are you shopping for today?”

We’re helping to bring the brand-building experience of an experienced store associate to your ecommerce catalog.

Leveraging the data that exists in your catalog via lightning-fast API, Cartographer enables you to create immersive consumer experiences that help them find the best product for them, and you to better understand your customer.

Import Your Product Data

API-integration to most popular e-commerce systems imports your product catalog data and available attributes in minutes without having to create or deploy any code.

Missing attributes? Data poorly defined? Our Data Augmentation feature lets you add new attributes on the fly using easy-to-manage Excel files.

Build Your Questionnaire

Drag and drop interface to write, revise, reorder and even translate questions and answers. Easily match answers to one or more attributes and values, and weight certain answers more highly than others.

Customize the Quiz Experience

Use logical branching and question-paths to ask follow-up questions to customers who answer a certain way. Segment quiz results by product-type or other factors. Offer one recommendation, or many – then order by newness, price, or any other factor!

Iterate and Fine Tune

Analyze and act upon a rich set of analytics data gathered by Cartographer, track everything from popular products to which answers lead to conversions. Easily copy and tweak recommenders to use with third-party split-testing software.

Personalized Experience for Maximum Results

Customers effortlessly identify the best products for them.

User Driven

Guided shopping weights and calculates recommended products based on the customer’s answers to questions specifically designed to guide them to the right product, in an experience totally driven by the user.


Improve Conversions

Increase conversion rate by shortening the path to purchase, and guide the customer to products that suit their specific needs with a high degree of confidence.

Rich Analytics

Consumer behavior data collected while navigating the tool, answering questions, and purchasing products provides a wealth of information for continuous improvement of the user experience.

Personalized Recommendations Drive ROI

12× - 32×

The average Cartographer client achieves a 12× return on their investment in a Cartographer recommender.

Seasoned clients with multiple recommenders achieve 32× ROI by leveraging our simple, instance-based pricing model for maximum results.

Powerful Tools for Top Results

Branching Logic

Create complex recommendation page flows using built-in branching and routing feature. Set up page completion conditions, branching rules, and navigation flow using easy, mad-libs style configuration screens, without any custom scripting required.

Alternate Products

Cartographer now includes detailed analytics about products that were not included in the recommendations list but were still added to cart and purchased by customers. For example, if recommendations includes only products of red color, while a customer have checked out with a blue product, Cartographer will capture the conversion and display it as an alternate product.

Going Global

Recommendation experiences can be easily localized for international usage. Cartographer can also automatically convert currencies and aggregate analytics for multi-currency installations.

Built with developers in mind

Follow developer documentation to stay up-to-date with Cartographer API and scripting updates.

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