# ImageView Class

# Overview

ImageView class integrated with the Controller class instances and provides 2D product rendering.

# Creating Image Views

<div class="product__image">

In order to create an image view, the host site must first obtain an instance of a Controller class, as describe above. The host site also needs to define a placement for the future image view, typically an empty DIV element that is sized appropriately to house the product rendering.

const image = new window.DriveCustomizer.ImageView(controller, {
    container: document.querySelector('.product__image'),

Once the prerequisites are complete, create an instance of the image view as in the example.

# ImageView Events

# imagesLoading

Notifies the host of the image view whether product images are being loaded. This allows the host to display the appropriate loading animation.

  • state The state parameter may be one of:
    • loading Indicates that images are currently being loaded.
    • done Loading is complete and a new product image has been rendered.

# ImageView Methods

# resize

Must be called whenever the image view container size is updated.

# destroy

Destroys the image view and releases resources.

# selectViewByCode

Activates a view with the given code.

# selectedView

Returns the currently active view reference.

# selectedFrame

Returns the currently active frame reference.

# updateView

Updates current image to the specified view.

# repaint

Redraws the image view.

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