# Blueprints

# Sample Data

In order to make some of the examples below more visual, we are going to define a sample product: a watch. Our watch product will have a customizable case and a band with a choice of materials and colors and will allow entering a personalization text to be engraved on the back of the watch case.

The watch will have three possible views:

  • 360° spin view.
  • Front and back views.
  • Personalization view.

# Blueprints

A sample blueprint of the demo watch product can be found at: https://bit.ly/2sib7Zc

# Blueprint API

Typically, construction of the blueprint URL happens behind of scenes when using the Customizer JavaScript helpers, however it might be helpful to understand the blueprint API.


A blueprint API request should use GET HTTP method, with a URL structure defined as following

products Products is a comma-separated list of products to be loaded within the single blueprint. Usually this a single product (WATCH360 in our watch example), or may include additional product IDs to dynamically construct a product from multiple parts.
version Product version to be loaded or _ (single underscore character) to load the currently active version.
site Product site to be loaded or _ (single underscore character) to load the default site.
apikey Authorization code. API keys can be created in the Account section of the Customizer administration website.

# Notable Blueprint Components

generated Timestamp when the blueprint was generated. Blueprints are cached by the customer backend and refreshed after a period of time had elapsed or a product structure had changed.
name Product name.
styleCode Product ID.
relatedProducts Represents the product composition tree if the product uses static mixins or dynamic mixins.
packages Package definitions.
views Product view definitions.
groups Represents the product structure, i.e. placements with associated selectable product options.
options A flat list of product options configured in at least one placement.
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